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Where do we fly in to?


We will pick you up and drop you back off at Whitehorse (YXY) International Airport. The transfer to Atlin and back is included in your weekly price.

The transfer usually only takes two hours along the Alaska Highway, one of the most scenic roads in the north. You will enjoy the ride.

If you are coming with your private plane, you can land directly in Atlin.


What equipment should I bring?


Your own equipment is certainly what you'll feel most comfortable with. If you're missing anything, let us know, we have spares to share.

Freeride skis, poles, safety equipment as described is provided by us.

We have no Snowboards and we do not provide any boots!

For skidooing, timbersledding and other toys bring good boots and a helmet.


how unlimited is unlimiteD?

We don't nickel and dime our customer! Whatever activity you choose to go for, it's all included in your weekly price. How many verticals will you be able to ski? Well, this depends on different factors. Mainly your physical shape, the strength of your group (the heli flies with a full group only), daylight, meteorological conditions, snow pattern and your safety.

In general, you'll be leaving the hotel around 9AM and latest run will be around 4PM.

You set your limits, our guides set our safety limits. Within this bracket and reason you'll ski as much as possible UNLIMITED! No one else in the industry offers you that kind of deal! Check out our typical days under #23.


Internet and cell phone?

Your cell phone will work in Whitehorse but not in Atlin and nowhere within our ski tenure.

We will provide internet at our base and in your accommodation. Be aware that we are a remote location. Internet is only aviable in limited bandwidth over a satelite system. Large downloads or high speeds are not possible. Your email will work just fine.




Have your own travel, cancellation and rescue insurance in place before you come. Credit cards do only cover up to 5000.--!

We recommend a world wide coverage through a insurance like TCS ETI or similar that does cover you up to CHF 120'000.-- in case you have to cancel your trip.


How many days of flying are includeD?

We will be able to ski for up to 6 days. Additional days can be purchased.


hotels in whitehorse


Whitehorse offers a wide variety of hotels we can book for you if needed.

We recommend the Skky Hotel just across the airport. Ask us for the AHS special rate discount code to get an excellent deal.



What can I expect in whitehorse?


Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon Territory and offers a wide range of shopping, restaurants, cultural institutions, etc.


how do i get to whitehorse?


Both, Air Canada and Air North have daily flights to Whitehorse.

We recommend flying Yukon's Airline to and from Whitehorse. (YXY). We can book your flight for a special AHS reduced price. Email us your request and we will be happy to help and book your flight.


What kind of clothing should i bring?


Your regular ski clothing will do just fine. The average temperature you can expect will be between negative 15°C and positive 5°C.

If you want to use our skidoos, timbersleds and other big boys toys, you better bring good winter shoes and a helmet along.


Snowboarding or skiing?


It's paradise for both. Whenever we refer to ski, we mean ski and/or board.


electrical voltage?


Canada works on 110V. Most of your small appliances will be factory equipped with dual voltage 110V-240V.


Medical infrastructure?


Atlin has a nursing station for smaller injuries. Whitehorse has a hospital and is about a 30 minutes flight from Atlin.


cancellation policy?


We are offering you unlimited fun and verticals. If we are not able to ski or fly for weather or safety related reasons, you are invited to take advantage of our wide range of alternate activities according our website.

Therefore, we don't guarantee any minimum verticals, don't limit maximum verticals and won't refund in case we can't fly due to bad weather or safety reasons.


Waiver of liability?


At the time of your booking you will have to sign and mail us a copy of our signed waiver of liability. You will find a PDF version at the bottom of our "Rates & FAQ" page. Please read it carefully, print, sign and email it back to us.


Safety Equipment?


AHS provides every client with the newest and most innovative safety equipment available on the market. Everyone, guest and guides will be fully equipped with a PIEPS JETFORCE airbag including a probe, shovel and PIEPS transceiver.


Do I need a visa?


European and US citizens with a valid passport do not need a visa to enter Canada. You will need a entry admittance, similar to the US ESTA.

Please check the Canadadian eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)website.

Hier findest du ein Merkblatt betreffend der Einreisebstimmungen nach Kanada


What is the optimal group size?


We are typically flying with 4 to 5 guests and one guide per group in a rotation of 2 to 3 groups. The ideal group size is 4-5, 8-10 or (12-15) to guarantee you stay as a group together.

This configuration will keep everyone happy!

Semi private and private groups are available in any configuration upon request.




We are using a 7 seat Bell 407. This is a very safe and powerful helicopter that is proven to be ideal for heli skiing.

Our private guests will manly fly with an Eurocopter / Astar 350 in a 6 or 7 seat configuration or a Bell 206


What does atlin offer for wellness?


Relax in the sauna after a tough day of ski or jump in to the hot tub and enjoy the view.


What ELSE?


- You need to register your self on line with us.

- You need to book your own flight to and from Whitehorse (YXY).

- You need to book a hotel room for your first night in Whitehorse.

- You might want to buy a travel and cancellation insurance at the time booking your trip.


Why atlin?


Why Atlin? Why Atlin again?

Read what our clients think about heli skiing and having fun in Atlin.

Customers testimonials.


How does a typical day look like?


Typically March and April are expected to be mostly nice with a very low average of "down/fun" days. Our standard blue bird day looks like that.

Every now and then weather is undecided and we will have to give it some time to consider.

And then we have our FUN DAYS!!

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