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            OUR PRIORITY"


            OUR PRIORITY"

With lots of heli skiing experience and the most modern technology, we guarantee the highest standards in safety and comfort. Our goal at Atlin Heli Sports is to provide you with the most up to date technology to make your trip save and enjoyable.
  • Avalanche airbags have been used by all our customers for several years. You can find more information at PIEPS.
  • Satellite navigation and tracking devices are a standard and are used by all our guides and pilots.
  • Satellite telephones connect us "to the outside world " in even the remotest areas.
  • Exclusive access to weather satellites allows us detailed and accurate planning for our trips according to weather conditions.
  • Geo information systems (GIS) provide us with the most detailed and accurate digital maps for planning flight paths and runs. Together with our GPS systems, we can reach every location in our vast skiing area accurately and fast. Our GIS system, together with satellite weather allows us to assess the avalanche risk and plan the perfect runs for the day.
Pilots and Helicopters
Our pilots are experienced mountain pilots. They are very familiar with the Atlin area and enjoy the full trust of our guests immediately. The helicopters are checked by our engineers daily and therefore meet the high, world renowned Canadian safety standards for transport. We use Eurocopter ASTAR or BELL helicopters which are able to transport up to five guests and a guide. These machines are agile and very powerful, and can land in places where it would be impossible for bigger helicopters to land. No more than three groups will be serviced with these machines and therefore the waiting time is minimal to none.
Required skills
Skiers should be at an intermediate level and able to ski most ski area runs comfortably and confidently. Parallel skiing in every type of snow is not required, but skiers should have control of their speed. It is important to have a strong and confident technique, coupled with an adventurous approach to new experiences.
Snowboarders should have a strong and confident technique and be in complete control of their speed.
Snowboarders generally prefer powder snow and "out-of-bound" terrain to groomed trails. In our dry powder you can expect your ability level to rise faster than anticipated.
Equipment We strongly recommend the use your personal powder skis or board. Clients and guides alike get greater enjoyment from their day using powder skis as they can generally ski for longer and with more confidence than on conventional skis. Bring your equipment that you feel most comfortable and safe with.
Skills Our exclusive Heliski area encompasses 5000 km². This offers us plenty of possibilities to choose the runs according to the ability of our clients. 
Whether you are a first time heliskier or an expert, we will find the best terrain for you.
All our Atlin Heli Sports guides are experienced guides with excellent local knowledge. Most are bi- or trilingual and are experianced to accommodate skiers and boarders.
50 plus and fitness
Heliskiing is by far not as extreme as some might believe. Each year we have many happy clients who are pleasantly surprised how easy it was. "It's much easier than I thought"! Especially women have said this a lot. It is much more important to be in good physical condition, than it is to be a great skier. Skiing technique is easily learned. After all, our guides are also ski instructors! In addition, the new fat skis are super easy to use in powder snow. In order to be in good physical condition, one does not have to ski all winter. Any well designed fitness program will do the trick. Cycling, jogging, rowing, power yoga, cross country skiing, all those and many other sports will improve your fitness level.Should you be over 60 years of age we have 6 more reasons why you should come and heliski with us in Atlin.
1. Each year we have clients who ski with us while over 60 or 70 years of age. They have all had a blast.

Not only people over 60 want to take it easy during their holidays. Many people want to leave the stress of their work life behind and enjoy a fun week with “time to smell the roses”. If AHS is made aware of this before the start of the week, we can organize groups according to their preferences.

3. Since our groups are very small (only 5 guests per group) we are very flexible when it comes to grouping clients with similar goals together.

4.  If one group agrees to start later in the morning or finish earlier in the afternoon we will try to accommodate this request.

5. Depending on the wishes of our clients, we can ski a little slower or stop more often – easy to do if there are only 5 skiers per group. And there is always time for instruction.

6. Seniors are not the only ones, who go heliskiing in order to enjoy the powder and the wonderful surrounding mountains. Some people have already discovered at a younger age that life is not all about collecting records. For them, quality is more important than quantity.
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